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Dunkirk World Sea Film Festival

4th Dunkirk World Sea Film Festival
May 15 to 17, 2014 at Studio 43 – Pôle Marine of Dunkirk.

2014 awards are online !

The Festival is organized by the Guilde, with the support of the Urban Community of Dunkirk (CUD).

After more than 35 years of expertise in the organization of documentary film festivals, The Guilde draws on its experience to organize a major maritime film event in Dunkirk, with an international dimension.

“It is for us the opportunity to widen the promotion of documentary movies and thus get involved in fields much larger than just the adventure one. This festival welcomes realizations related to marine ecology and exploration, adventures and water sports, as well as seafaring occupations.

While the ocean draws increasing attention with actual environmental issues (melting ice, rising water levels, climate refugees, great patches…) it also sheds lights on many human issues affecting our continents (economical, political, cultural…) But there needs to be a better understanding of these major issues involved.

It is true that oceans today are a unique space on our planet, a field in which humankind still has much to learn (fauna and flora, chemistry, geography, geo-biological exchanges…). Therefore, oceans are treasure troves for innovation and discovery fields.

We do hope that the Écrans de la mer will allow you a better understanding of this ocean of mystery.” The Guilde

The aim of the festival is to create a film competition with an international dimension. The Festival’s jury is composed of personalities involved in the cinema industry, sea related jobs, sports and environmental issues. Five prizes are granted by the Dunkirk metropolitan area to reward the best documentaries:

* Jean Bart, Festival’s grand price (cash prize of € 1,800);
* Award for the best sea-related environmental issues and marine exploration film (cash prize of € 300 and the possibility to be screened on Ushuaia TV);
* Award for the best sea-related job film (cash prize of € 1,500 - Grand port of Dunkirk);
* Award for the best adventures & water sports film (cash prize of € 300);
* Youth jury award of Dunkirk metropolitan area (cash prize of € 300).

We hope to see you at this great event held in Dunkirk, a city located on the North Sea shores, and at the crossroads of Europe so we can celebrate the ocean in all its myriad forms.